Monday, 30 January 2012

dont knock it till you tried it....i dont think so!!!

I have to face facts as im getting older (im 36 so maturally youthful as i call it) im getting less and less tolerant and dare i say it but grumpy, is this normal?  I look at these young men with their jeans halfway down their asses and i have a burning need to go over and yank them up and tell them to buy ones that fit or invest in a belt...not that i have a habit of looking at young mens asses i hasten to add.

I have my teenage son telling me im "random" what the hell is that supposed to mean?  i knew that perhaps i was finally "past it" (sons words) when he came home from school after having sex education classes and informed of a sexual term i had never heard of!  Two women cup? of course being the adult and the mum i couldnt possibly admit to not knowing so as soon as he was in bed i googled it and then really wish i hadnt.

I dont know what horrified me more...what it was or the fact that he heard this from a sex education teacher...perhaps i need to go back to school! 

You know that phrase 'you dont know you dont like it until you try it' well what a load of bollocks, of course its a phrase i used with my kids when trying to get veggies down there mouths and i have no doubt i have used since but no...not any more....there are some things i dont need to try to know i dont like them.

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