Friday, 28 March 2008

i miss You

I havent had a good couple of last days, im missing Him and sometimes its worse than other times and i get frustrated because its not always possible to talk and then i get stroppy and i have sensed the last few days that im getting that way. So i figured to avoid getting stroppy and end up incurring punishment i would ask for some pain (coz that helps in a wierd way) and i didnt get it and then that pissed me off because i wasnt asking again, so it gets into a vicious circle of me being stroppy because i want Him to give me pain and then when i do get it its more than i want and all that could have been avoided if He gives me the pain i asked for in the first place.

Yes i am bloody ranting, ok im due on thats probably why im feeling this way but goddamn it i want some attention. Then like now i feel guilty for wanting His attention as i know its not easy for Him all the time as its not always easy for me (fucking vanilla life) but just sometimes its really hard to deal with. Its the weekend so wont be able to talk then and He is off work next week so will be difficult then as well, then im off on holiday and im dreading it, what the fuck am i going to be like without contact for 2 whole fucking weeks.

Im sorry Sir.......i just really miss you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi Tori

    Oh I love your rants wont you be in trouble now though?

    I have been reading through your last few posts and im curious to know why this relationsip works better than the last, hope thats not to personal.

    And also how you came to meet, did you speak to a lot of dominants? before him? and why him.

    Hope you dont mind, I know you say you dont but I still like to ask.

    Helen xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. hello helen

    no i wont be in trouble im relatively safe in here, not brave and stupid enough to rant directley at Him.

    Well as i said before the last D/s relationship we was just not compatible, this one works better because we are simple as that really.

    I met Him on InformedConsent, He wrote to me and i replied and went from there. I didnt correspond to that many dominants, i had loads of mail and i simply disregarded those straight away that wasnt what i was looking for.

    Why Him? umm the thing to understand is that actually finding someone genuine is very hard, and its more common to recieve "on your knees bitch" one liners or cock pics than it is to recieve a decent message.

    So His stuck out immediatley as it was none of the above and on reading His profile it was informative and honest (another rarity). So i replied and well here we are.

    tori x