Saturday, 22 March 2008

need to find women (never thought i would say that)

I need to find a women before He does which is not going to be an easy task after having just briefly gone through profiles its going to be a lot harder than i thought. The ones that may seem suitable are not in a good location or if they are in an ideal location we are definitley not what they are seeking, so im going to narrow it down to what is important to me.

1. preferably older than me (older the better)

2. bi or bi curious (He will insist on that)

3. should have some experience even if very little

4. be discrete

5. not looking for 24/7

6. not wanting to be a permanent fixture (im not prepared to share my time with Him
on a regular basis with someone else)

I think that about covers it, now i know that 6 is not a demand that i should make but its how i feel, i couldnt cope with someone wanting the same relationship with Him as i have, its not about the sex either it doesnt bother me Him having sex with other subs in fact it appeals to the voyuerer in me. I think the trouble with single female subs is it easy to become attached to the Dominant especially emotionally and wanting more than what has been offerred, i dont worry that He will want them more than me (got past that now) but i think if this should happen it could potentialy cause problems.

I think tomorrow i will start looking through profiles and try and get some messages out, best get the ball rolling cant risk leaving it to Him, because otherwise it will be my worst nightmare knowing my luck.


  1. Hell again lol

    Dont you feel at all jealous that he has sex with other women I really couldnt tolerate that. Do you have to have sex with whomever he wants you to men and women, do you mind other men?

    Would you say that your relationship is better than a normal one, being as it relies heavily on trust?

    sorry for all the questions but im really interested, im interested because im studying to become hopefully a therapist so I find your relationship interesting.


  2. hi again

    No i dont feel jealous i dont associate sex with the same as being intimate with someone and as long as i am able to separate these two feelings i dont have a problem.

    Yes i do have to have sex with whom He may choose but as yet that hasnt happened, i have given another man a bj before, i didnt like it but im not sure if this was because i wasnt in any way attracted to him (not specifically looks as im not motivated by what someone looks like, i found him amusing much like i find my pet guinea pig amusing)or im just not going to like doing it with someone else full stop.

    I wouldnt say our relationship is better than a normal one just different for obvious reasons. The level of trust obviously plays an important part in our relationship and i suppose it could be said its more intense but not better...just different.

    A therapist, interesting! specialising in what area?

    tori x

  3. Hi

    We the course im doing at the moment is social studies with emphasis on relationships as I want to specialize in relationships, so I suppose thats why I find you interesting, hope you dont mind?

    Wouldnt you say though that sex itself is an intimate act?

    I laughed at your reference to a guinea pig, may I ask why you found him amusing. Did you have to obey him?

    Yes your relationship is different but because of its nature would you say it stands a better chance of success then than a normal one?

    I have been reading through a lot of that informedconsent site, I see you have a profile there (call me Sherlock lol) it seems a lot of slaves from what bits I have read through think there better than subs do you agree with that?

    Thankyou again for taking time to answer me, it is appreciated.

    Helen xxxxxxxxxx

  4. hi helen

    The course sounds very interesting also explains your endless questions and no i dont mind.

    Yes it could be said that sex is an intimate act although think of prostitutes whom obviously have sex with men on a regular basis, i wouldnt think (and im guessing here) that they regard every encounter as intimate. Intimacy can take many forms and varies from one person to the next.

    It makes me sound awful in reflection on the guinea reference. However dont misinterpret me as i did like him, although i doubt very much i could of tolerated his company for a long period of time. He reminded me of a child that has been given a new toy to play with and i found it very difficult to take him seriously.

    I had to obey him although he seemed very unsure of himself and from my point of view that showed in his demeanour. For example i remember at one point i was on the wooden pony (my Master was doing something with the other sub) and anyway he asked me something, cant remember what but i said yes and he said "say yes Master *******" and i didnt answer, that took him aback and he dropped the issue.

    I didnt answer because there is no way im calling someone else Master unless instructed to by my Master and even then i wouldnt like it. I think as well even though i liked him to a certain degree he wasnt someone i could respect (in a D/s context) and i think to dominate someone effectively you need to have their respect.

    I dont think a M/s relationship necessarily stands a better chance of success than any other relationship, because even in 24/7 situations i would think compatibility outside of any bdsm activity plays an important part.

    All relationships need to be worked at and they all have their problems, its just that the problems differ from one relationship to another.

    Im glad you like the site it is very informative and i still now read through the web boards, i did think you might find our profile and was wandering when you would mention it.

    No i dont agree that slaves are better than subs at all, what works for some may not work for another. Ultimatley its all just labels its what works for the 2 people in the relationship that matters and how they define themselves.

    tori x