Tuesday, 11 March 2008

weekend......nearly finished

Back to the weekend, finding this difficult to write now as im not feeling very confident in myself but anyway for whats it worth here we go.

I cant deny i find pain arousing even pain i dislike so im pretty sure i was wet throughout the birching something that is a bone of contention for me because as far as He is concerned if im wet then im liking it in one way or the other. So im not even going there. During the punishment He stopped at intervals for me to suck His cock which was a reprieve for a while and a welcome one as i do love sucking His cock. Finished off with being fucked in the ass and then Him cumming in my mouth, so in general really not a bad start to the weekend.

Before going out for dinner i asked Him to beat me some more and i was allowed to choose what with and where, so i chose the belt on my ass, now the belt isnt normally my first choice as i find it quite difficult to handle but to my surprise i enjoyed it more on this occassion although as always when i start pleading for Him to stop im always made to take more usually 6 more which it was in this case. We went for a few drinks before going to get something to eat, found a indian restaurant and the food was really good, both quite tired so headed back to the apartment, during the meal i asked to be able to lick His ass when we got back (yep i love doing that as well, nearly as much as sucking His cock) sexually so far there isnt anything yet i really dont like doing.

We both woke up very early around 6ish i think which is unheard of for us on a Saturday morning usually we crawl out of bed closer to midday, but nevertheless it was nice to get out have a nice relaxing breakfast whilst reading the papers. The weather was bloody awful but i wanted to walk the pier so we did before heading back to the apartment, where i was desperate for more beatings He was more interested in watching the rugby. However when He did decide to focus His attention on me (after lots of begging) i got more than what i bargained for as usual(you would have thought i would have learnt this by now).

will finish completley later......


  1. Do you always have some form of sex after being beaten? I couldnt lick someone down there thats disgusting.

    What I have thought about is if your gagged and he beats you how do you stop it?

    Helen xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Usually sexual contact occurrs but not always, as for licking someone down there as you put it well what may be seen as disgusting to one maybe enjoyable to another, and i do enjoy it.

    Gagged or not makes no difference im not able to stop it, it stops when He wants it to.