Wednesday, 9 April 2008

want a hood now i do

Have found a couple (i found them, thats got to put me in His good books for a while surely) admittedly i didnt react very well when He spoke to the women, i called Him a bastard but well after talking to them some more im actually forward to it. I did admit to Him though this is mostly because it appeals to my sense of humour, being that they play on a completley different level to us, the shock factor appeals to me greatly although i dont want to scare them off as they seem a nice genuine couple.

I dont quite know what there expecting and im inclined to think that they know very little of M/s dynamics (or more to the point the difference between D/s and M/s) which is fair enough, and why is there is this obsession with people thinking slaves are above anyone else when the reality actually is completley opposite. Im surmmising after speaking with them and from the information i have that there predominant kink is anything to do with sex with a little bdsm thrown in, she needs the sex and the arousal to get her in the state of mind to "go that little bit further". She couldnt quite get that i prefer pain first to get me to that sexual high, not always but pain certainly is my preference before any sexual contact (apart from sucking His cock, could do that anytime, but is better when i have or am suffering).

He scares her but i assurred her that He wouldnt do anything that she didnt want and there is no shame in using a safeword if it gets a little too intense, i said that i had used mine before with another couple, but i think they need to put aside what we do together because when we are on our own its completley different. Its not a competition to see who will and can do what besides there will no doubt be a time when im confronted with a couple that play at a harder level than im comfortable with. There curious as to how we interact together and this amuses me, if there expecting the stereotypical image of a man in leather and the slave in wrist and ankle chains then there in for a shock although the idea of being kept in wrist/ankle cuffs is very appealing.

Before i spoke to them on the phone i spoke to Him and said that i found it appealing to meet with them because i would like to see how reasonably hard we could get with them, He made a comment that maybe i would need a hood because there is a risk i might laugh at the situation, and i didnt like that idea. Now after thinking about it i want one it appeals to my love of being objectified and degraded, the idea of being a faceless person with no way of communicating, just there to be used and abused....mmm made my mind up im getting one asap.


  1. Perhaps a hood with a gag to make sure you can't make too much noise!

  2. goodness, saddist ppl are so ugh =/


  3. care to translate that in English?