Monday, 19 May 2008

lots to say.............

Havent posted for quite a while, been on holiday and then get home to find i have no internet connection which has pissed me off no end, but back online now and i have missed my blog, have just come back from spending the weeked with Him so have quite a bit i want to write about.

Whilst on holiday i had no contact with Him for just over 2 weeks and it was bloody horrible, it made me very restless and my mind was working overtime getting myself worked up over whether or not anything had changed even though deep down i knew it would be fine the lack of contact made me very insecure. Of course my worries were all needless because nothing has changed but i certainly dont want to go through 2 weeks like it again.

Once we were back to talking as regular as we normally do, i was more content although i was then getting myself worked up over the caning that i had asked for to the point that i made my mind up i wasnt going to ask for something anymore (He always makes it worse). He wouldnt let me cum before we got together which means i hadnt orgasmed since before i went on holiday so in total approximatley 4 weeks, that has to be a record and im actually impressed with myself that i managed although i think the thought of what the punishment would be if i did (it would of been really bad) was a big deterrent.

I arrived at the hotel well before Him, i prefer this as it allows me to get ready especially if He requests me to be dressed a certain way and also i can relax a bit, its become a habit of mine to imediatley check out the room for its suitability for bondage, it failed slightly on that part but was roomy so thats a plus, oh and had a bath thats become an essential requirement, just a shower cubicle is no good!!!

I thought i had a very good chance of getting sex first or in particular sucking His cock, even though we had discussed i would get pain first i figured i could manipulate Him into my way of such luck....out came the canes. I struggled with the caning it was definitley harder i think than what it has been before, and there was one particular cane i didnt like at all, however there was one that i liked a lot, i think for the first time i managed successfully to get into subspace, i could feel it but it didnt hurt at all, the pain just wasnt registering and it was great until the bastard thing broke. I got a reprieve then and was allowed to suck His cock and remembered to do it slowly and just when i thought i was finally going to get in my ass He decides to cane me some more harder than previously.

Then finally get what i wanted, i love anal sex the more it hurts the better i seem to cope with that sort of pain ok i want it to hurt, He withdrew and came in my mouth which i like, i dont really think about the fact that its been in my ass although i guess if i was to actually see any traces that it had i might be more reluctant but generally im so aroused at that point i couldnt care less i just want it in my mouth, and if im honest the fact that it could be considered "dirty" just makes it all the more appealing, so being instructed to clean His cock is an absolute turn on for me.

more in a while......

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