Monday, 19 May 2008

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I knew at some point i would have to swallow His piss, He made it very clear before the weekend that refusal to do so would result in punishment and contrary to what He might think i do fear punishment. I do enjoy being pissed on i love the humiliation and the dirtiness of it but have struggled with the taste and up to this weekend He has always been very tolerant and not forced the issue, i guess His patience had worn thin so i did it, admittedley it wasnt as bad as i thought but its still something im going to find difficult but i accept that now its going to be required more often than not. We even went further in exploring this type of "play" and i found i liked it and its something i want to explore more of (make of that what you will).

Sometimes it scares me how far i could go and that i enjoy things that once i wouldnt of have even thought of or wanted to do but i suppose its a credit to Him that nothing i suggest or ask about repels Him so in turn im relaxed enough to want to try the more "dirtier" activities. Its like licking His ass, i love it not just because He enjoys it and it pleases Him but i find it a turn on for me and would miss it should over a weekend it doesnt happen (though this is highly unlikely).

I was caned quite a few times over the weekend and some was worse than others, the worst had to be when He restrained me over a chair (i just couldnt hold position on the bed), i was shaking because i was scared i knew they was going to be hard stokes and they was, well harder than what i have experienced before. I was instructed to count the last 6 but only managed to get to 3 and then He needed to gag me i think my screams might have been pretty loud otherwise, its hard to describe the pain but agony just about sums it up, and He even caned the soles of my feet once that hurt but i guess it gave my ass a short reprieve.

When the caning was over, i registered that He was preparing needles and that set me off shaking again i was terrified that He was going to put them in my nipples and i have been dreading when He does. I attempted to pull away but being restrained didnt get me very far, they seemed to hurt more than previously but i wander if this was only because i was worked up and far from relaxed. He didnt put them in my nipples but He has made it clear that next time they will be and im not going to dwell on that now, i dont want it but im in no position to choose and as He often points out to me i wouldnt have it any other way and i wouldnt.

The dreaded whip was only used once thankfully and i even plucked up the courage and asked for it on my breasts (i must have been having a mad moment) because it fucking hurts, i hate it more than anything its bloody awful right from the first stroke. Its the only thing so far that has brought me close to tears and that was on a previous occassion when He used it on my back.

He also used the cane on my pussy (that was a first) im not sure whether i liked that or not, i think i would like to try it some more when im more relaxed as at the time He was also caning my stomach and tits and i was struggling to escape the blows.

still not finished............

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