Thursday, 22 May 2008


Im not comfortable about having to write this for You, but i have given it some thought since You asked me to.

I dont have a particular "type" of women that i would go for in the respect of looks, its personality and how well i connect with them that matters to me. Ideally though i would prefer someone older than myself, not skinny, but not grossly overweight either (i want to survive the experience after all), so average to plump would be fine.

I wouldnt connect well with a bitchy personality, probably if im honest because i can be a bitch myself there would more than likely be clash of personalities, and i think thats why i struggle with the thought of submitting to a dominant women because bitchy women (especially the look at me i am it type) bring out the worst in me and i dont like myself much when that happens. I do wander though if its not just women but other dominant personalities that i find difficult, i submit to You because im Yours to do as You want and i resent anyone else being able to have any control over me and what i do.

I cant really say much about how i would like it to be with another women in detail, i know You would like it if i was to be intimate with them in the respect of kissing and carressing, but i cant do that unless i feel a connection with them and am totally at ease and this applies to men as well not just women. Yes im selfish in the respect that i enjoy a women going down on me and would prefer not to have to return the favour, i certainly find it easier in a controlled situation, ie. i dont think i would naturally make the move myself because its something i want to do. Yes i get a buzz out of it because im having to do it, because obviously being dominated and controlled to that degree is one of the fundemental elements that make up my personality and makes me what i am. This is also why (and i have to get this point in) im wet the majority of the time even when im not enjoying something, even when we just talk normally im wet because You have control over me......i get off on being dominated and knowing that im controlled...fancy that!!!!

I suppose the ideal set up that appeals to me would be much like it was with t****, being told to lick her cunt and being beaten at the same time, You know i get off on objectification so just being used in that way i find more appealing than having to try and force myself to be initimate and natural with someone, i just dont think i can do that. I do find the idea of being made to lick a womens cunt and then watching her pleasure You appealing, as long as i get Your ass.

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