Wednesday, 21 November 2007

saturday night

We went back to the same pub again for dinner and decided to have a few drinks and i was a little tiddly not pissed though and the same goes for Him. I found it very amusing that on the way back to the chalet He said that there was no chance of me getting any more pain this evening and i was determined that i was. There was some beer in the fridge so we sat and had a bottle each and chilled for a bit before retiring to bed and He was still muttering about not giving me any pain so i figured all He needed was a gentle push so i called Him a twat, and well with the belt stragically placed on the bed how could He resist not to beat me with it. I was very giggly i tend to be when i have had a few to drink and i was pleased with myself that i had got what i wanted and its easier to handle the pain more when slightly intoxicated. I asked for the cane and He obliged however at this point i bit off more than i can chew i really believed in my tipsy state that i would be able to manipulate Him into stopping when i wanted Him after several strokes i was begging Him to stop and He made me take 10 more and fuck those hurt, i think if i recall correctly i laughed on the last one so He added one more and that one really hurt.

Lying back in bed, He started slapping my face and its something initially i havent wanted to do its been a big no-no mainly because i was worried about leaving any visible marks, but i loved it and as he was slapping me i was masturbating. At one point He put His hand over my mouth and nose effectively stopping me from breathing and its something we havent done before or even talked about but i think He knows me well enough now to know i would like it and i did and i actually orgasmed as He was doing it at intervals.

I started sucking His cock and being in my tiddly state i was adamant i was doing it how i wanted to do it basically fast which He doesnt like and i told Him so and promptly got threatened with the butt plug so that altered things and i complied begrudgingly. He went to the toilet and was muttering something about the whip and i said something like "go on then whatever" thankfully He didnt hear or chose not to take any notice, overall i was not a very obedient slave and i put this down to alcohol induced topping from the bottom, because there is no way i would have spoken to Him or behaved so brazenley defiant otherwise, im not stupid if i was sober and said or behaved this way well i like having skin too much put it that way.

On waking up my first intial thoughts were "oh fuck what did i say to Him" i was mentally going over how i behaved and i was mortified and my ass was throbbing and i was dreading if He was going to beat me more and i hesitantly asked Him if He was going to punish me, thankfully He wasnt because i was tiddly and therefore not behaving as i would normally. Although i enjoyed drinking with Him i think i have to be aware that this makes me push and provoke Him and therefore i have to accept that i may have to be careful of the consequences this may bring because i think i was treading on thin ice at times.

i love You very much Sir, thankyou for a great weekend

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