Tuesday, 20 November 2007

friday evening

ok where was i, friday evening.......

Before we went out You told me to clear up the contents of all the kit that was strewn all over the floor, which i attempted to object to as i felt it was Your mess that You made not mine, but You threatened me with the butt plug and well thats a definite motivator to get something done. I didnt tidy up to Your satisfaction and to be honest i didnt make an effort to put it away neatly in protest of having to do it in the first place which backfired on me when You used the whip on my tits for not doing it properley, bloody hell not much gets past You does it?

We went to the local pub for some food, nice place and nice people, my ass was really sore from the beating definitley felt it sitting down enough to make me wince but i like that in a way its a reasurring reminder of my status when out and about. On getting back to the chalet we relaxed for a while, i was fretting inwardly that You was going to use the whip some more and worse the damn butt plug, actually im not sure which i hate the most i guess at least with the whip i get some marks to show from it. You asked to see the new nipple clamps and then You put them on the side but i knew it was only a matter of time before they was used and sure enough before long i was on my knees in front of You having them put on. They hurt more than the others but once the pain of them going on subsides there ok, i sucked Your cock and i think im getting better at doing it the way You like and im coping better when Your cock is thrust down my throat, well You know how much i love having Your cock in my mouth. I think we finished off having sex, when You removed the clamps fuck me that hurts im torn between wanting them left on but knowing the longer there on the worse the pain will be eventually, and then we retired to bed.

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