Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Blog is back to how it was originally and i prefer it to be open to all not that it makes much of a difference except i can write without directing it as though i was talking to You alone, which i have been for the last few weeks.

Anyway Saturday morning, i love the Saturday mornings because i like waking up next to Him knowing that we have the whole day and night in front of us, and its nice being able to cuddle up and i get to molest His body thats always a bonus. I love licking His ass and playing with His balls and cock simultaneously, well i pretty much enjoy serving and pleasing Him anyway really when it comes to His sexual needs, and i dont mind if i dont get relief myself but of course His needs come before mine anyway.

Eventually got out of bed, hunger usually does it and we went to a village to track down somewhere to get breakfast although turned out to be lunch as time was getting on, the place was full of old people not that i mind old people and i did find it amusing a bit like elephants that gather at one place to die. In the car was a selection of rods for birching and i cant say i was looking forward to it very much at all, my ass was still sore and i knew it would hurt a lot so i was avoiding the subject of birching altogether.

On arriving back to the chalet, had a coffee relaxed for a while although i was on tenderhooks because i knew He had plans but i didnt know what. He blindfolded me and attached clamps, i hate being blindfolded it makes me feel queasy as i cant see what is happening but most of all i really hate not being able to see Him, when i can see Him even if He is doing something i dont like ie. as with the whipping i still feel reassurred because i can see Him silly but its the only way i can explain how i feel. As soon as He positioned me onto a chair and then i heard Him pull up another chair opposite i knew He was going to use the needles and i was scared, there still very new to me i was more sensitive and plus i was aware He might go deeper this time. They hurt a little, its not extremely painful at all its more of an intake of breath as they first penetrate into the skin, thankfully much to my relief He decided against using them on my cunt lips as they was really sore, so He can be reasonable when He feels like it.

He then used the violet wand and i like that its a nice pain takes a little while to get used to it but then its great, wax next and i also enjoy this apart from when it goes on my cunt, that makes me squirm and i try to protect myself. The best part without a doubt though is when He removed the needles and lots of blood came out i love that, i find it very erotic seeing the blood drip down around my tits, the worst part however is the mess the bloody wax makes must get a sheet/or plastic to put down for next time i think, finished off with sucking His cock so all in all apart from the blindfold i enjoyed it.

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