Thursday, 22 November 2007

a plan!!!!

It has occurred to me in the last few days as i have been looking back over the weekend that i need to find a strategy to avoid threats of something i dislike, ie the whip and the butt plug. Sometimes i hesitate when told to do something or i try to avoid it altogether and all He has to do is mention either the whip or the plug and i immediatley comply, now i know i should anyway without having to be threatened but its not easy and i do think i am getting a little better. However i do find it frustrating that i have these 2 things hanging over my head because i dislike them so much so i figure the only way of preventing this is to get used to them.

The butt plug shouldnt be too difficult i figure if i start using it everyday and gradually increasing the pumps over a period of time i should naturally get used to it so it wouldnt be so bad when He does make me have it in and therefore cannot be used as a threat or a punishment. I briefly put this to Him and He was ok with it as it works in His favour as well because i know He wants me to be able to have larger plugs at a later date anyway.

Hmm the whip is a problem as obviously im not able to build up a resistance to it due to the fact of the length of time between seeing one another so im not sure as yet how to eliminate this as a problem but im working on it. I hate the fact that He loves knowing i hate it.


  1. Hi I just started my blog today and searched around and found urs.

    Hmmmm if u find pleasure in pain why don't u like the whip?? Surely there is pain in being whipped. Seems u wpuld like the feel of the whip giving u pain.

    The butt plug how long do u normally have that in??

    Well if I misunderstood what u meant by "Pain's Pleasure" pls forgive me.

    If u have a min and go to my blog and answer a question or two there I would appreciate it but if u don't have time is ok.


  2. hhmmmmmm I wonder how can I find my way back to ur blog next time w/o making u a favorite??

  3. thanks for coming to my blog and commenting :)