Monday, 5 November 2007

an appeal for clemency!!

Spoke with Him today and tried to appeal to His better nature in regards to me masturbating the other day but He wouldnt discuss it only to say that i would be punished but He hasnt decided how yet and it didnt matter that i dont think i deserve to be punished. So i figure that i should state my case here (because i know You will read this Sir)

1. the circumstances of why i masturbated was different (ref previous post)

2. umm ok cant think of anymore at this moment

but surely You can see my point of view and im appealing for clemency because i really dont see that i intentionally disobeyed You and its all very well for You not to want to bring it up but Your not the one in the hot seat so to speak.

there thats all im saying on the matter! but just in case You are determined to punish me please, please not the butt plug...ok now im finished

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