Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How well do you know your blog/blogging?

Found this and doing it for a bit of fun..not happy with the post i am working on....and so the draft folder gets even more fuller.

Answer these questions about your blog, no cheating and looking.

1)  Your top 5 popular posts, bonus if you get them in order.

Purple boobies, bdsm room 101, nipple piercings, pushing boundaries, ummm umm thinking....the sadomasochistic pretty sure the first 2 are in order.  first one was right! correct order is purple boobies, nipple piercings, bdsm room 101, you cant? hmm really, return to room 101.

2)  Last 5 blogs you commented on.

His slut, a slave to Master, submission to slavery, songs from his nightbird, submissive missions...not in order.  yep right

3)  How many followers do you have?

191 i think  194, not too far off

4)  Your total viewings, to the nearest 100? 

no idea, complete guess 150,000 ish 219,594..ok way off, but really who checks that!

5)  How many blog posts have you published?

800 ish  813

6) How many posts in drafts?

about 120  131

7)  How many blogs do you follow?

no idea, around 100 possibly dont know how to check that!

8)  what post has received the most comments?

purple boobies....amazing what a pair of tits can do!  well im confident its that post, i dont know how to check!  still dont know how to check lol

9)  Your first blog entry title?

very short and sweet..."this is the beginning" or words to that effect  This is just the start...close enough.

10)  Why did you choose the name of your blog?

i didnt, my Master did, he set it all up, and i was told i was blogging!  thats how it was!


  1. I started trying to do this, and it was hard! I can't remember that stuff. So, if I finish it, it may be way off.

  2. These are great questions and you did well! Not sure if I could remember this stuff.