Wednesday, 21 November 2012


So ancilla_ksst nominated me for the bloggy award (but she is naughty and didnt follow the rules! ok so i didnt either)and im going to answer the questions that she set.

1.  When did you realise you were kinky, if ever?

i had these urges of wanting to be controlled from mid-teens but i guess thats not a kink, so kink wise came late teens in a first relationship and i wanted to try never happened but it didnt leave my head

2.  What is your favourite fantasy?

oh gosh, im lucky that the bossman has made a lot of my fantasies come real but there are still some i want to explore, crucifixtion is something i have a fantasy yeah that would be it.

3.  What is the one fantasy you wish you could get out of your head, but keeps coming back? (if you have one)

being tied down and gangbanged by lots of reality this is not something i want because i know i couldnt handle it and he knows it why the bloody hell do i fantasise about it?!

4.  Where do you feel most at home?

ok im going to be cheesy and say when ever im with my kids and the bossman

5.  What do you want most from the person your with? whether this be partner/dom/sub/slave/Master?

His control/dominance

6.  Why do you write a blog?

because i wasnt given a choice! but i got into it, then i took a 3 year break and came back start of this year, i do it because it gives me somewhere to put down these rambles in my head, it can help give me clarity and i love the interaction with others, its a great 'community'

7.  What is your favourite tv show?

Criminal Minds

8.  Favourite Dessert?

Sticky toffee pudding with lots and lots of fresh cream

9.  Favourite time of day?


10.  Do you believe in god?/are you a spiritual person?

Im a christian but i have conflicts with my faith

11.  What is your favourite sexual position

anal with me on my stomach, hands held/secured behind my back, and head pressed down onto floor/bed..was that tmi lol


  1. tori,

    Thank you for sharing. I was introduced to sticky toffee pudding in a pub in York. Wow.

    It is very hard to share a deep dark fantasy so thanks for doing so.


    1. Yes wow....i love it but a bit too much *she says being a tad bit overweight lol*

      Some fantasies i just cant share and some are just best left as fantasy


  2. you know i don't think ANY christian doesn't have conflicts with their faith.


    1. This is very true, however you havent met my mother (but i wouldnt wish that on you lol).


  3. I think when fantasies come true sometimes, they lose their power, so maybe the gangbang fantasy is your mind's way of letting you keep one alive, since you are unlikely to ever act on it.

    And what Fondles said about Christians. That was such a good answer, "I am Christian, but I have conflicts with my faith." I am going to use that.

    1. Thats a good point actually, i still wander why i do fantasise about it because heck i would not want it to happen!

      I think religion is questionable for most people perhaps more so when in these types of alternative relationships..hmm im going to think on that now.


  4. I have the gangbang fantasy too, as well as one with bukkake, as well as getting pissed on by a lot of people, also being cut. These are unlikely for him ever to do to me, but they won't leave my head. Probably because they are so unlikely.

    That was definitely not TMI. I love that position also.

    1. I love piss play, we do it a lot but with others yes the idea turns me on but im not so sure the reality would.

      ooh yes that postion is just awesome lol


  5. thanks for sharing a part of you with us criminal minds too...smiles


    1. hi ya blossom

      Its easier to share on here though, face to face im quite shy and un talkative lol