Monday, 7 January 2008

holidays over back to normality..sort of

Thank goodness Christmas is out the way, we hadnt had much opportunity to talk over the whole period and i get anxious when we havent spoke for a while, but seeing each other this weekend and it has come around very quick.

I am very impressed with myself i havent had an orgasm for bloody ages must be around 4 weeks thats a record i havent gone that long without one well since i disovered the rampant rabbit i think which was bloody years ago. I figure as i have been so good (i didnt even ask either) that this should knock at least 20 strokes off the 50 i have coming but i doubt He will agree somehow.

Im also going to have to backtrack on last enty in blog, have heard from the slave lucy although im still very unsure of the situation and He has had contact with her master so they appear genuine. I spoke to her for a while longer the other evening and she is likeable although i liked ***** and well no more needs to be said on that subject. I think what worries me well not worries but niggles me is that slavelucy is inconsistent with what she says and there appears to be a lack of communication between her and her master(but then she has only met him once), im beginning to wander if im just fortunate that me and Him discuss a lot and even when we are not together we try to make a point of talking everyday although there are exceptions when we cant.

Im not overly concerned with meeting up with them if indeed we do although i know He would like to at some point but i think agreeing on a date to suit all may be a problem.

Im more focused at the moment on this weekend especially as contact has been at a minimum for the last few weeks and i need us to get back to normal well as normal as things are with us which i guess to many isnt normal at all.

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