Saturday, 26 January 2008

just a rant

I need a rant to get things out my system.

I just dont believe the blatant lies people can tell or the way they manipulate circumstances, the sub of a couple we played with (which was a disaster) posted on a bdsm site about the session we had and potrayed it in a completely negative light which is fine but chose to take no responsibility themselves. Im not going to go into details again of what happened, i know the truth, my Master knows the truth and thats all that matters, i just object to the blame being placed entirely at our feet or indirectly at His, i would love to email her and tell her a few home truths but i wouldnt be allowed and this is most likely for the best.

I console myself that since we met them, we found out albeit too late just what sort of man he is, comes accross as very nice but is actually a very manipulative and nasty human being that revels in causing problems between couples, thankfully my relationship with Him has proved too strong too cause any damage and i feel nothing but pity for his poor sub whom has emotional baggage and therefore easily deluded.

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