Tuesday, 31 July 2007

damn butt plugs!!

One day im hoping i will learn to keep my mouth shut unfortunatley i do have a habit of saying things and then wishing i hadnt, like today was on the phone to Him and mentioned that i hadnt had anything up my ass for a while this was not a hint that i wanted something up my ass at this time more that i know i have the inflatable butt plug to look forward to and am apprehensive about it. But no He had to suggest that i put a butt plug up my ass there and then and its strange because i quite enjoy anal sex but am not really a big fan of plugs there uncomfortable at the best of times and this time it hurt not a great deal but enough that i really didnt want it there and to make matters worse the bastard made me sit on a chair which did increase the pain and i wasnt amused.

Although i wasnt exactly enthusiastic about it, it did remind me of the fact that i dont have the choice of not feeling like it and more importantly i think that He can choose to inflict pain on me simply for His pleasure whether i like it or not as usually im allowed to masturbate after any pain but not this time.

He also informed me that He has bought a small paddling pool to be used for watersports, i was partly hoping He may forget but no it will be making its appearance at the weekend along with something else although He wont say what which means i probably wont like it.

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