Friday, 27 July 2007

bad day

I havent had a good day today, and it has showed when i have been speaking with Him and i feel guilty that maybe i should have made more of an effort, but sometimes its hard when "vanilla" life gets in the way

i have felt like i wanted to really argue with someone/anyone and thats not like me, today felt like everyone wanted a piece of me and i wanted to scream at them to leave me alone i didnt feel like being nice and then i feel guilty for thinking that way

i failed in my task and felt guilty for doing so even though i knew when He set it that i was sure i wouldnt be able to do it, i felt like i was set up to fail and He knows i hate dissapointing Him so why set me a task that i am unable to do, yes it could be said that i could have thought of something and i tried but i couldnt.....does this make me a failure because i feel like one

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