Saturday, 28 July 2007


I popped into a chat room earlier this evening, its not something im really a big fan of but i was bored and thought it might amuse me, there was a big discussion on limits and how it is impossible to say you have no limits which is a fair point but then a slave in the room stated that she has no limits only those her Master has and she got slated and at that point (being that i find it hard to shut my mouth sometimes) i had to say something because i feel that this is a valid point.

It annoyed me that many in the room started throwing "circumstances" at her would she cut off her finger, would she jump off a cliff etc so i stated that this was completley out of the context of a bdsm relationship and was neither realistic or reasonable.

I believe that it is possible for a slave to have no "personal" limits only what has been given to her so hence it could be said she is a no-limits slave, i have few limits, i also have areas which are not limits eg. needles but they scare me so its something i have no wish to be rushed in but i havent ruled it out, if i had wanted to i would have stated this before entering into a relationship with Him.

I get scared when its something new but this is a natural reaction to something which is unknown, but i trust Him enough to know what i can handle and when, but we all mistakes and dare i say it so does He. I did find something this slave said interesting and very valid and thats "if pushed too hard, too soon you only succeed in pushing away" which i agreed with i would rather be keen to try more than doing it out of fear of dissapointment.

It annoys me that many in this lifestyle that claim to have a wealth of experience have no tolerance to the way others may choose to live this aspect of their lives, it seems to me or maybe im becoming jaded that if your kink is not their kink then you cannot possibly be a good sub/slave. There is also this expectation that a sub/slave should address Dominants as Sir/Master and i wont unless specifically told to by my Master if this makes me a bad slave so be it as its not them i have to please.

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