Friday, 27 July 2007

a week to go!!

one week today and i will be with my Master, this is good apart from the fact no orgasms until we do meet, this is the first time He has stated this and its too early days yet to say how i think it will go, but its not like i have a choice, if i orgasm without permission i face the consequences and with 2 punishments coming up i have no wish to add to them.

today is also the last day i have to complete a task He gave me; to think of something perverted/filthy that we have not discussed that we can do when we are together, this is not easy at all. i dont have as much experience as Him which does count as i am quite naive in some areas, like the new nipple/labia clamps i love them and when they arrived i couldnt wait to get them on, i sat and read the box and noted how it said rubber tips could be removed, which i naturally assummed was for underneath are metal teeth i was to say the least mortified and i dont love them as much as i did initially.

so this task is causing me problems all what to me is perverted we have discussed before, so this tells me that He is just much more of a pervert than i am, which is reasurring, but then again maybe not it just makes me wander what goes on in that mind of His sometimes..maybe its best not knowing

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