Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Well, i got to it eventually

Sorry, gosh im doing a lot of apologising lately!

"Why can't there be equality in ttwd?  he is no better than because he is my dom"

Equality, dictionary definition, for the sake of argument:

"The state of being equal, especially in status, rights or opportunities."

He is my Master, and i am his slave, and to kill two birds with one stone about being 'better' no, i dont believe he is better than me because he is dominant and my Master, back to the matter of equality..

I believe everyone is born equal, regardless of whether they be dominant, slave, sub, princess, their race, their nationality, their sexuality etc etc.

However in respect of him being my Master, i do not consider myself equal in status to him, but only him, as two people yes, but we are two people in a dynamic that by definition of using Master and slave implies inequality.

I have rights, but certainly not as many as he does, i have the right to expect to be kept safe, to have my basic needs met, and as this is all based on consent, i have the right to withdraw that consent although that has never been an issue, and if it were it would have serious impact on our relationship.

Can there be equality in ttwd?  I admit im struggling to say yes in the respect of there being total equality, so its easier for me to say how it is for us, if anyone has a view that there can be, i would be interested in hearing it.

He has authority over me, i do not over him, and that is the simple way of looking at it,i could go into all the very many ways he has authority over me, but that statement alone should be enough.

I am quite content in it being this way, i wouldnt want to be his equal, besides that i get off on the whole idea of being beneath him and that his wants and needs come before mine..but thats a whole other subject, which if i go into, this post will turn into an essay :)


  1. Well said.

    I don't see how it would be ttwd if there was total equality...

    1. thanks, yeah thats how i see it, and i tried to think otherwise, but it just wasnt happening lol


  2. Well said Tori, good point that although not equal, the Dominant is not 'better'.


    1. thank you Roz, yeah i dont get the point of a dominant being better, just different