Thursday, 28 August 2014


Im struggling on what to write, i dont want to keep resorting to the drafts folder, although i do want to empty it, i would rather do so periodically, so please dear bloggy friends give me some inspiration, topics, questions, anything..well apart from asking the bossman...he is not allowed on my blog....its mine, all mine...doesnt have to be kink related..pleasssssseeee.

edited to add..otherwise im going to be resorted to blogging about my dont want me to become a cat lady do you really?


  1. Do you ever worry how far your masochism will go or take you? and how much more you may mentally desire compared to what your body/skin can tolerate. If today it is 1 needle, tomorrow will it be 10, 20, 100? Without the care from a good dominant to say, no enough, do you ever wonder how far the rabbit hole will go?

  2. oh gosh, I worry about far I will go. Like, needing a bigger and bigger fix, you know? especially scary as emotional masochism is a big thing here for both of us.

    how about a series with the seven deadly sins as your inspiration? I'm half way through one myself... must get back to that!

  3. As a vanilla, who's interested in the lifestyle I wonder how you manage a Master/slave relationship with kids in the house, especially young children who demand a lot of time and give you no privacy. I'm also wondering if you have many specifis rules and what they are (if you don't mind sharing) or a few general rules dealing with respect, safety etc. Thanks.

  4. Hi. I just adopted my first kitten / cat so I wouldn't mind hearing about the cats. :)

  5. Hi,

    I am interested in the mind games that your Master plays with you.


  6. How did you discover emotional masochism? Was it something you knew you had or did he bring it out of you?

  7. As someone who's ridiculously low on inspiration these days, I can honestly say, there's nothing wrong with talking about cats. Or dogs. Or the weather.

    I'll be back if I come up with any ideas...

  8. I have so been in the same boat, with being sick and things being crazy here - I've just been struggling on what to write. 30 days of submission seemed to keep my mind going - so I am going to add two more to do - 30 days of kink, and 30 days of truth. Would you like to do them with me? :) Let me know, if you do, I'll get the questions posted or sent to you. :)

    Hang in there, we'll get our words back!

  9. Thanks, a lot here to keep me busy, its very much appreciated, and its nice to see some anons come out of hiding lol