Tuesday, 21 October 2008

another post at last..

Its been quite a while since i have posted and im not sure why as i do enjoy keeping this blog and i do have a fair bit to write about, not least our last time together, so best start with that really.

It was nice as He was able to finish work early on the Friday and therefore meant we was able to spend more time together which is always a good thing. We visited a sex shop which sold various bdsm gear before heading to the hotel, trouble is so much to choose from, a bit like being a kid in a sweet shop, but i settled on a tawse because its something previously i hated (previous Dom i was with had one) and i suppose part of me wanted to know if it was as bad as i remembered thinking it was, it was way back then my nemesis, like the whip is now.

By the time we got to the hotel room i was desperate to try the damn thing out, well it had been a while since having any pain and patience isnt my strongest point as in i dont have any, got to suck His cock first though that was a bonus as the last few times He has made me wait and its been pain first. Wasnt long though before i was asking Him to beat me with the tawse and it was ouchy but not as bad as i remember thinking it was, then the cane well i do like the cane so that was nice and i asked for more and then a nice hard ass fucking with no lube it fucking hurt but i loved it.

Was a bit nervous as we had arranged to meet a couple that evening although i wasnt as bad as i would normally be as i had talked to them both on numerous occassions so i felt pretty relaxed and confident. I think my only concern was that i would mess up, i always fear that especially as i know my temperment with other women especially ones that have a dominant trait, its just not in my nature to be passive with a women thats a complete bitch this is most likely because i know im capable of being a bitch myself.

It was a good evening and i enjoyed most aspect of it, too much to put it one post so will continue tomorrow.

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