Saturday, 25 October 2008

difference perspectives

I have been chatting to a couple on and off for a while now and i cant take to them, of course this bears no difference on whether we meet with them or not and i suppose its only a matter of time that we meet people im not struck on. Its just from chatting to them it appears we have very different outlooks, i think i pissed the man off because i wouldnt address him as sir or master and until told otherwise i wont, the way i see it is i have one (Master that is) and its not a term i care to use for any tom dick or harry that proclaim themselves to be dominant. If im honest even when im told to i wont like it, to me it diminishes what it means and what it represents.

Then there is this whole issue of being the "perfect slave" which does not exist, what does exist is being the best slave that you can be for your Master/Mistress which of course means ones expectations may differ from the next, and im certainly not that yet, i try hard but im a long way off from meeting His expectations. The women seems to have an ideal of how the "perfect" slave should behave which is fine as i have said time and time again the term slave means different to different people. What i find infuriating is the need to be competitive or in her words "to see who is the better slave" for fucks sake its like being back at school again, so how exactly is that proved........... by who can take the most cane strokes, the most needles etc? Or maybe its who behaves more appropriately because this another thing that i dont get about them, they seem to have this obsession with "punishment", which is something else i dont get.

To me punishment is given to correct unwanted behaviour, and generally something i wont like, usually im not punished for failing an activity as long as i try my best......of course this depends on the circumstances. When i spoke to the man he made a point of saying he would make sure i did fail just to have the excuse to punish me, well me being me couldnt let that go by without responding. I replied saying that would unlikey happen as im not punished as long as i try my best and its my Masters call to say whether i have tried or not, and that i couldnt see Him letting someone else punish me when they have purposefully set me up to fail, he just said "we will see about that". He is very arrogant and that does nothing for me, very up himself i have the impression he thinks he is gods gift to women, which come to think of about it that reminds me of his sub saying that she wouldnt "play" with anyone she didnt find attractive...........Hmm for someone that says she has the soul of a slave......i think she needs to re-set her way of thinking as it generally dont work like that.

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