Wednesday, 22 October 2008

meeting others

The couple we had arranged to meet are not really into D/s as such, more swinging and anal play so meeting a couple like us was new to them. We had a glass of wine first to relax with before getting down to "it", there play area was in their garage which was amusing as you had to go through the garden to get to it, just hope they havent got any nosy neighbours that could be hard to explain, half naked women walking through the garden.

He clamped my breasts and i was then bent over a bench, whilst He was caning me they were pinching and pulling at my nipples, her bloody nails was the worst they dug in and i dont think they had any idea how much more sensitive tits are when they are clamped! I remember at one point she had a go at caning me and it was ok, my attention was more focused on my tits that were throbbing and i was relieved that no clamps were put on them. I was then stood up and tied with arms and legs spread in an X position, He whipped me not as hard as He has done but enough to get me squirming, the man in the couple attached some clamps to my nipples (very padded so they didnt hurt) but they was attached to an electrical device so hmm not so sure about that on the lowest setting it wasnt too bad but any higher and it wasnt pleasureable at all.

Then came the part i wasnt sure about, i had a strap-on with the intention of putting it in the man ass, at first i thought it was quite cool but not obviously having a cock i was concerned about how hard to push etc....i didnt want to hurt him. I didnt enjoy it at all, it did nothing for me sexually and i found the whole experience quite bizarre from my perspective, whilst i was ramming this dildo up his ass, his partner was putting a dildo down his mouth and twisting his nipples. I was impressed with how much nipple pain he could take if it was me i would of been screaming the place down (nipple torture is a weak area for me). It felt like an eternity (i found just shoving a dildo up his ass boring), i think i would have enjoyed it more if i was being beaten at the same time at least that would of broke the monotony although he might not have thought so as i would have probably rammed a lot harder (mmm theres a thought)!!

Then it was my turn, she put a strap-on on and first used it in my pussy, i didnt like this at all it hurt but not a normal hurt it just wasnt right and i think she thought i wasnt being co-operative which wasnt the case i just knew it didnt feel right and my instinct was too fight against it which i did. Then it was my ass which was uncomfortable more than painful i know i took as much as i could and i was pleased with myself how much i managed especially when i saw the size of the damn thing, i think if i had seen it before it was used i would have freaked but overall i was satisfied. We had a bit of a break then and i sucked my Masters cock and the other women asked to as well so i figured i better ask Him if i should suck the other mans which i did. Its something im still not sure about (sucking another mans cock that is) i wouldnt go as far as saying i enjoy it but rather that i do it because its expected, i dont think im naturally inclined to enjoy being used sexually by others, it bothers me more than i thought it would.

Well then came His favourite part i had to go down on her, no change there i didnt like it before and i still dont like it, it cant be just me that thinks it tastes bloody horrible surely, mind you she wasnt exactly a very responsive women, a corpse would have probably been more reactive (not that im into necrophilia). He fucked me in the ass whilst i was licking her which was the only enjoyable part of it, i didnt put a lot of effort in and she did comment on that afterwards which made me cringe as i thought that would get me in trouble with Him. As it happens He let it slide which did surprise me considering the deal was that if i didnt do a good enough effort my punishment (from previous poor behaviour) would still stand.

What i enjoyed most was being tied in the X and beaten and i would want to do that again, as well as try out the sex swing they had but more for the possibilities it has for torture rather than the sex. I did ask for needles and He obliged and i enjoyed them and wanted more but it was getting late, im finding with needles i need to be in the mood for them which of course doesnt always work that way. Anyway overall i would gladly meet with them again they were a genuine nice couple which is a rarity and it would be nice to explore more possibilites with them.

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