Thursday, 23 October 2008


We had Saturday to ourselves which was nice, the original intention was to meet another couple on the Saturday as well but im glad we didnt as i think it would of been too much, what with the travelling and then the Friday evening i was knackered.

He caned me in the evening fairly hard and it did bloody hurt, He made me count which is something im not too keen on usually as there is the risk of losing count and having to start over. What i do find slightly amusing is when He asks me if i want more, i could of course say no (only allowed to say no if im given a choice) but then i would feel guilty about not taking as much as He would like so i always end up saying "if it pleases you Sir" when really i dont want anymore, and of course He always says yes. I think i drunk more of His pee this time well it certainly felt like it but i will be happy when i get to the point i can drink most if not all.

He used the tawse on my pussy and if i recall i asked Him to and i dont think i will be as keen to again its not as nice as the flogger, can safetly say i dont like it used there its not a very nice kind of ouch.

Overall i think the weekend went well my only complaint is He wouldnt beat me on the Sunday morning (noise was the issue) shall have to make sure next time the accommodation is more suitable especially as it will be my birthday on the Sunday and well i want my birthday beating.


  1. Is it the man or the dominant that attracts you?

  2. In my opinion you are either dominant or your not although it may be more apparent in some than others. His dominance i would say is part of his personality and therefore i do not distinguish between the man or the dominant as they are one and the same.

    hope that makes some sense