Saturday, 21 June 2008


I found a topic about rituals in M/s relationships and im not sure what to make of it, some i find appealing and some i would absolutley hate but i acknowledge that rituals can play an important part in the dynamic, its not something i had thought much of really but it has intrigued me. I did ask Him the other week if i could remove His shoes when He arrives as i like kissing His feet and that could be seen as a ritual if i was to do it all the time, and it has the effect of instantly "putting me in my place" besides i like being at His feet especially when His cock is level with my mouth (but i dont think that is the point).

I dont have a long list of set rules to adhere to, the main ones are: no masturbating without permission (this includes inappropriate touching of myself), no using any "toys" without permission, butt plugs, clamps etc, i think thats it actually. The rest is just common sense i know how He expects me to behave and im becoming used to what He likes/dislikes, so what are the point of rituals? i suppose on the plus side they make it easier to form a habit and therefore has the advantage of conditioning the slave/sub to respond in the desired way. So when i look at it from that angle i wander if by introducing appropriate rituals they could change some of my behaviour, hmm going to think on this i think.

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  1. Hello

    I have been itching to get online (access to the internet is a privilige I have to earn)to see if you would respond, im so glad you did and I enjoyed your post about the L word.

    I would like to add that I can totally understand why you hold onto the belief that because he loves you and that you love him, that surely he wouldnt treat you so very horribly? am I right in my assumption that this is what you think? because I know I did.

    This is why when my Master punished me the way he did it came as such a shock, it wasnt so much the physical pain alone, but the cruel and heartless attitude that provoked such intense reactions from me. I felt completley broken mentally as well as physically, worthless and being honest for a few times in that weekend I believed I hated him and told him so.

    I dont want to misquote him but in a nutshell he explained that as much as he loves me I am a slave first and foremost and by trying to manipulte him because of love is not acceptable and needs to be dispelled. Do you understand? it took me a while too.

    There is so much I would like to talk to you about I could go on and on especially about the rituals you mentioned, and you are right they can be very helpful in keeping a slave "grounded".

    with respect

    slave m