Friday, 20 June 2008

the L word!!!!

After reading a comment left on my blog i have spent some time thinking/dwelling on whether or not love makes a difference in an M/s relationship, i asked Him if the fact that He loves me effects how He treats me (specifically in regards to pain) but apparentley not. I know from my perspective the fact that i love Him as well as trust and respect Him has been a major factor of getting me where i am now, i couldnt imagine wanting to engage in some of the more extreme activities with someone who i didnt love and also did not love me in return.

I dont think love has a negative impact on us as an M/s couple, it certainly doesnt change the fact that He is Master and i am slave, i dont see Him as being less dominant because He tells me He loves me, it makes Him a human being that has emotions and as loving as He can be i know He can also be a right sadistic bastard. I have admitted to Him and in the reply i wrote to the comment in my blog that i have held to the belief that because He loves me i would be able to plea bargain my way out of situations i dont like, im now coming to realise this is far from the truth.

We are not equals and nor would i want us to be, i defer to Him, love has no relevance in how He chooses to use/abuse me, but it is comforting to know that He does love me no matter how hard or cruel He may be at times.

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