Tuesday, 15 July 2008

spoons, canes and plugs!!

I will never underestimate the use of kitchen tools again, in fact its becoming clear to me there is no need to spend a fortune in a bdsm shop when the kitchen provides a lot cheaper array of torturous implements. There was a fairly largish wooden spoon which He decided to use and my god that bastard thing was agony that i was squirming desperatley to get away in minutes and i mean 1 or 2 minutes literally. It was made worse by the fact that i absolutley detest being laid over His knee and i even said i would rather be bent over the chair which just landed me harder smacks, well thats if they could have possibly got any harder. The thing is i know there is no way i would have stayed in postion if i was made to bend over a chair because He had to hold me down as it was and i have never struggled as much as i did then, one thing i am sure of is i think its highly unlikely i would like paddles if the wooden spoon is anything to go by. Also usually He uses His hand first and when He does move onto using an implement its usually pretty moderate to start this time the bastard just when straight in with the goddam spoon and the difference is very telling...no warm up and it bloody hurts a lot more.

Now the cane is different altogether, i think it will always be my favourite when im relaxed and the strokes are moderately spaced i can "float" and the pain no longer registers and i love it, although it doesnt take much to bring me out of that state of bliss if the strokes suddenly become more forceful or the pace they are applied changes then it throws me and the pain starts kicking in immediatley. I would like to try having more regular canings over a course of a weekend because sometimes after a caning even when He ends them with harder strokes if given a rest of 15/20 mins i want it again. Because i do tend to enjoy the cane and i want to be able to take harder canings i would rather it was not used as punishment because i dont want to taint my enjoyment of it because im realistic enough to realise that should He want to really cause me a great deal of pain with it He could and would.

Then we move onto something horrible again...the inflatable butt plug which is just well horrible, not in a painful way but rather really uncomfortable to the point it makes me feel sick which is not a pleasant feeling at all. To make it worse He made me spread my own ass so He could insert it which was humiliating in a way i didnt like, i did deflate and remove it without His permission hoping for some insane brief moment He wouldnt put it back in but He did of course, and He pulled it out when it was pumped up which did hurt but at that point i couldnt care less i just wanted the damn thing out.

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