Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Needed a topic to write about as sometimes i need inspiration and other times i just have things on my mind that i can write about, He suggested i write about being marked.

I like being marked, the cane is my first choice as the marks are so distinctive and because its still my favourite implement, they also can last a while so thats a bonus. I would be dissapointed if i came away from the weekend without being marked although this has never happened yet and i cant forsee it occurring either. To me its a visual representation of being His slave as well as a reminder of our time together when we are apart so i miss them when they have gone, and sometimes they last longer than at other times. Also i have the opinion that if im going to be in pain especially if its a pain i dont particularly like then i want something to show for it, plus because i do like having marks that He has given me on my body i see them as being a sign of endurance ie. as much as i may not have enjoyed it at the time i do get the buzz of having marks to look at for a period of time afterwards.

The whip leaves nice marks as well and they are almost as distinctive as cane marks, i just dont like having to be whipped (especially on the back..really ouchie) to get them. Blood is something else i like and is probably the only good thing that comes from using needles, i love the blood but only my own, watching someone else bleed whether it be a cut on the finger or watching a bdsm video with bleeding makes me queasy, but blood running over my tits is a huge turn on for me.

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