Monday, 14 July 2008


I got needles put in my nipples, didnt think i would like it now i know i dont like it, it fucking hurts in a sharp way and it lingers longer than when needles are just inserted into my tits, i wasnt restrained which made it worse in my mind as i prefer to be in a position that i have to accept what He does rather than attempt to resist. I did put up a minor struggle at first, i think what surprises me looking back on it is that i didnt throw a verbal tantrum but i never do when im actually face to face with Him im too scared, but it has highlighted to me that i still struggle with obeying immediatly in some circumstances and this is something im not sure how to overcome, although it does tend to be when its something new.

I didnt like Him very much when He did it and especially when He asked me if i wanted the needle in the other nipple as it was a pointless question, as much as i wanted to say no i knew He would be disappointed and contrary to what He may think i do try hard to please Him so i had to say yes. I was infuriated because He felt between my legs and i knew He was doing it to make a point that if i was wet then i must have enjoyed it and with stimulation i did orgasm but im not even going there. Im struggling to exactly put into words what i feel about it, because im not sure if im just having a minor sulk that He did it. It hurt taking them out as well, i was standing in the bath slowly pulling them out when it would have probably been better just to pull them out fast but i tend to not go about things the easiest way. What i am sure about is i dont like it, would be happy not to have it done again but thats very unlikely.

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