Thursday, 16 October 2014

You cant? hmm really

"you can't punish a masochist with pain, it is counter productive"

I have to disagree with that, and im pretty sure im not the only masochist that would do so.

Firstly, lets define masochism, look it up in most dictionaries and the common factor is "someone who derives sexual gratification from pain" and yep thats me, and yes even when a form of pain is used as punishment i get aroused.

ahh, i know what your thinking....and that point proven, how can it be a punishment if it turns you on?

because my cunt has a mind of her own, she might be enjoying it, but every other part of me isnt sometimes...however it isnt just that alone that makes a difference.

There are things i dont like, regardless that they arouse me, i dont like it, off the top off my head, the dressage whip, the butt plug inflated past 4 pumps, the cane on my thighs, pretty much any implement on the thighs come to that, especially on the inner thighs, wooden spoons, kitchen tools in general actually...really they should just stay in the kitchen! there are more.

He knows what i really do not like, and therefore what is more effective.

But for me what makes the biggest difference is how i feel, how i respond to his demeanour, if he is punishing me its because i havent been good in some way, usually because i have disobeyed him or behaved in a way he doesnt like, so he isnt pleased with me, and i have no one to blame but myself, so i feel bad, guilty, and im on edge, i find him intimidating at these times, even though i will beforehand (when i know punishment is imminent) sometimes get a bit cocky, try to manipulate him, talk him around (i know, bad slave!) when its actually happening, in that moment, i genuinely am one sorry slave and there is no 'smart mouth' attitude, i guess the best way i can explain it is he makes me feel 'little', nervous and mostly ashamed that i have given him reason to punish me.

The actual punishment itself is a consequence of my actions, but also i need it, dont want it, but need it, because it allows me to move past feeling guilty, it wipes the slate clean, puts things back to the way they should be.

of course, not all punishments need to be physical in nature.


  1. There is some pain that this masochistic does not get off on, which makes it pure punishment.

    Tabasco grinded into the clit with an electric toothbrush is pure torture.

    The pain during punishment is different. You explained it perfectly.

    1. thanks, its a subject that crops up often and its getting some to understand its more about the mental side than the physical aspect that makes the difference.


  2. I really related to all this, tori. Yes, he can definitely punish me with pain even though I'm a masochist. It is all about the attitude. It's not even really the level of pain.

    1. Yes! it is all about the attitude....perfectly stated.


  3. Couldn't agree more. You explained it well.

  4. Great answer Tori, very well said! It's more than the pain, it's about the emotions involved.


  5. Yes, precisely this.
    Punishment...registers at a different setting.

  6. Definitely a difference between yes please! pain and punishing pain

  7. The punishment must fit the crime and the person being punished, no?

    If the person is into humiliation being made to wear an adult diaper until they messed themselves might be hot. But spanking them would be the worst thing ever.

    For mouse, it's about knowledge in knowing that she's disobeyed or hurt him in some way. While she does get off usually on pain and ropes, when it's for punishment and not fun, Omega's whole demeanor changes. If mouse complains that a rope is too tight, he'l check it, naturally and adjust it if he feels it's needed. Where as in normal play, he'll adjust it to mouse's request.

    He's not at all playful or happy about what he's doing. He's not upset, but maybe a bit annoyed that he has to take time out of his schedule to punish mouse.

    But tori, isn't the worst punishment of all when there isn't one?

    When that deep line has been crossed and they're so upset that they remove themselves, and all we want to get close and they push us away?

    Being a masochist is very confusing at times.


  8. Off topic, but just to say, I miss your blogs, I hope all is well, nice anonymous Xx