Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The boring bits


I had the contraceptive implant put in 4 weeks ago, i chose it because i liked that it stops ones periods and you dont have to think about it, the doctor discussed side effects, of which he said are rare, it was painless to be put in, although its rather strange to feel it under the skin.

A few days after having it fitted, i started spotting a bit of blood, wasnt too concerned the doc said this was normal, we had sex and i noticed blood on the sheets afterwards but nothing when going to the toilet, a few days later however full on period.

Which ok, wasnt overly concerned about, but now, 16 days later i am still on my period! and everyday is heavy flow, heavier than what they were previously.

So, i went back to the doctors yesterday, probably should have gone before, but well, i didnt.

Well, this is one of the possible, rare side effects, heavy prolonged periods, which can last up and around to a year! oh and a decrease in libido as well as the body not producing natural lubrication, which i noticed the last few times we had sex.  I was turned on, wanted it, but i was aware that i was not as wet as i usually am, i was aroused but the bitch down there was not responding as normal, i dont think he noticed, but i did!

No wander its an effective contraceptive, spend 3 weeks of a month on a period, decrease in libido, oh and lack of natural lubrication, all of that and yeah sex is the last thing on my mind!

The doctor started talking about extended foreplay to help in getting the body to respond..wtf....i dont have a problem getting turned on, ta very muchly, i think he missed the point, but im not about to go into a full on discussion about what gets me going with my doctor.

My diabetic consultant has put me on happy pills (antidepressants), i was reluctant to go down this path, i still have this sense of a stigma about being on them, but im willing to give them a go, i know i havent been myself for some time now, the bastard reduced me to tears (the consultant) with some home truths about my condition and the outcomes if i dont take better care of myself.

Mind you, i dont think the happy pills are working, or maybe im expecting too much too soon, but then what with the never ending period im on at the moment its no wander im feeling bloody depressed because it is damn depressing....and to top it off i have thrush.....ahh a side effect of diabeties, blood sugars being too high.

I have agreed to give it another month, see how it goes, if though im still on my period this time next week, im going back to get the damn implant removed.

boring post done.


  1. oh dearie that sounds awful. i remember being on meds that affected natural lubrication and i hated it. i've never really gotten over that. i still have a fear that i wont be able to get wet enough, even now. and thrush. yuck. get better soon, and i hope the red tide ends sooner rather than later.

  2. That sounds awful! What is the name of this implant, so I know what to avoid? It was bad enough to me that my IUD made my periods a lot longer and heavier than they used to be, but they are not 16 days a least.

  3. Implanon or similar re implants often cause erratic bleeding normally for up to 6 months in some, most people are warned re this as a possible side effect, so people don`t end up coming in 1 months time to have it take out and another minor op to remove. Sometimes, they add in an oral contraception to kick it in place, some are lucky re no periods, however, sorry, not everyone is that lucky, many get prolonged for a while, but with time it settles . . IUD, copper style, you get periods, hormonal (mirena here) rarely, often used to lessen periods or stop them totally (I have one had period in 7 years) again not all are lucky but usually a hell of a lot less than with a copper, which can cause prolonged periods (however, high risk of being pulled out re fisting if you are not careful) Usually medical advice is try the implant for 6/12, see if it settles, if not, add in oral contraception and review. It is an excellent form of contraception if you can bear with some hiccups. It`s not for everyone, but in some it is good, re concordance, not missing the pill, no risk re IUD/infection/BV/pulling out. Love and hugs, nice anon

  4. I know two people that have had the implant. One had the extreme bleeding so badly that she had it removed. The other has had one period in a year and weight loss on top of it. Knowing that I don't think it's for every body.

    Regarding your diabetes. This time last year mine was completely out of control. I am type 2. At the time I had no insurance so no way to treat it medically. My blood sugars were running in the 500's. Out of desperation I went on a low carb diet. Within a month I was having normal blood sugars. As a nice side effect I lost 70 lbs over the past year and my blood pressure went down. It was hard at first but I looked at some pictures online and read some stories about the road I was going down, lost limbs, lost eye sight, etc and that was my motivation when something high carb was calling my name. Over time my tastes have changed and I actually like almond milk now, and 87% dark chocolate over milk chocolate.

  5. Oh, tori, I'm so sorry! I hope it all turns around soon.

  6. I had the nuroplant which was 5 of them put in my arm in a fan under the skin. I was on my period for over a year almost a full 2. Became anemic because of it. It messed with me bad. It wasn't worth it.

  7. Happy to see you again tori! I can't use anything hormonal so tried iud. Pretty much the same thing too, where I was convinced it only worked because the bleeding never stopped. Then got it out and it kept going. All better now but also left with hoping for the best. Sigh... working out well for now. Good luck with all your stuff. Happy pills do affect how things work out down there big time, so I'd sooner blame that for those issues.

  8. ahhhh .. modern medicine. I don't think drugs work on me anymore. I have been on some heavy duty drugs including anti-depressants but all I ever get from them is the side effects. They have done me no good other than making me walk around with my head in the clouds.
    If something doesn't work or you are not happy with it .. change it. You know your body better than any dr ever will. I am off 99% of what I was taking & although I don't feel any better .. I don't feel any worse either (and I am no longer "stoned" all the time either)
    ***obviously not talking about diabetic meds .. yeah you NEED those. ;)

  9. I am still so glad DH got a vasectomy, and we haven't had to worry about any of this. I am sorry you are having so much trouble, and sadly I really know what you are going through, and no, it did not get better for me.

  10. Oh Tori, I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. That is awful, and hard. I hope things turn around for you soon.


  11. tori,
    Yikes! That is a lot going on with your body. I think we all sort of believe that we should be able to power through and ignore or not let our physical selves interfere or even influence our lives in general. Which is nuts. Of course it has to impact everything else. I really hope it gets better for you.

  12. I've got an implant and have never had a period in the 3 years I've had it. It still feels weird, especially now it has got smaller....freaks me out a bit!!! As for antidepressants, sometimes you just need help to get back to being you again. Sorry you are having such a tough time health wise x Sarah

  13. wow tori take care of yourself....I would be inclined to get rid of that implant if it is going to do that to you...if you are having bad periods would you not think of getting an endometrial ablation which I had done and have never looked back...it will take a bit for the tablets to kick in...try to stick with them, they may give you the lift you need at this time...xx

  14. I had that implant as well - worked too well. Nobody in their right mind would take me to bed. I became depressed, pissy, moody, and impossible. Oh, and I kept spotting as well..